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Art by Kaveesh Balaji

Extraordinary world events change all of us and the institution that governs us. When humanity fights nature, humanity wins; but at what cost we don't know. It is time to witness the best of humanity and the best of institutions. In January we would not have thought about self-quarantine to flatten the curve. But there is one person who had been thinking about it — Bill Gates.

In these difficult times there are two ways I can help to protect you and your family: 1. Beat the odds with right life protection  2. Stop the slide of your retirement savings.

Beating the odds: Every one of us has some form of term coverage through the office and/or on our own. The term that you have is designed to protect against death which is less than 2% of chance in mortality rate—which pretty much equates to a chance of you getting into a car accident. That is it. It does not cover anything else. In this video, Bill talks about the chance of a pandemic in his lifetime is greater than 50%. Here we are. So you need to check your life coverage and ask what does it cover. Does it cover for events more than 50% of chance — if so, you are good. If not, you have to see how to protect against your chances. This is where I can help you and your family to beat the odds.

Stopping the slide: You must have seen this S&P chart in the last few weeks and would have wondered about it. I too wondered about the precipitous drop in 2008. Now in 2020, I did not lose a $1 dollar in this market drop. So if you can rollover there is a way to get protected from the further drop. New COVID-19 legislations are enacted to help to withdraw some of your retirement funds. But we have to wait and see what it means. I will keep you updated.

If you don't get all that I discussed here, don't worry we can coach you. Sign-up for group online classes or online 1–on-1 session. We want to make sure you and your family get protected. This is the help I can do at this crucial juncture.

Sign-up for any one of these sessions.

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