One advisor, you do not have!

When I immigrated to the US my friends advised me that if I were to build an American dream I should find a good attorney and a good doctor. Well, I didn’t realize much of their wisdom, but I followed suit. That helped me to navigate complex decisions. When I was planning to build my family, my friends advised me to buy a house in a good school district. So I bought a home just next to the school. One thing my friends did not tell me is — I need a financial expert to build my American dream. I am not saying they withheld this information from me; Like me, they genuinely believed that they don't need a financial expert to coach us; Like me, they all are doing their own DIY financial management. What none of us realized is we don't have a Home Depot that puts your interest first.

From the financial industry point of view, there are three groups of people: one who is in debt, one who bears the risk, and the third are high-net-worth individuals. The goals are very obvious for the first group and third group. The second group is where the majority of us fall. We juggle various goals and priorities at the turn of every 3 years. As time progresses, a very interesting thing happens with these 3 groups. Each group sub-divides into two groups — liberated one and unliberated one. The division that happens can be called a financial trap. This may set you up for the generational trap. Here is a good example of a generational trap. When I was growing up I wanted to become a cricketer or a movie director. When I consulted my mentors, they told me you are aiming for a long shot unless there is good talent in you, you should not pursue it. Good that I listened. I could focus on my studies and could build a career. If not, I would have created a generational trap. Something similar happens in finance. The good thing in finance is — to escape this trap you don't need to have any special talent or abilities, it just depends on your time and discipline to follow the time without the distortion of personal emotions and priorities. You need a solution expert to guide you through this field. And yes, you need a financial expert to build that American dream and get you liberated. I wish someone had told me that when I immigrated or when I was building my career.

My mission is to help 1000 families get liberated by June 2020. Join me as we help our community to financial freedom. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Be the wisdom of the next generation.

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