Integrity Pledge

In financial planning, we deal a lot with numbers to predict the future value of present decisions. To maintain the integrity of our service to our customers we follow these common-sense guidelines.

1. We act in your best interest: We are not influenced by the commission, bonuses or other incentives. We do not collect a fee and a commission from the same client for the same work.

2. We customize our service: We review your potential financial needs for each type of financial product under consideration and take into account any existing financial product you may have. Any new recommended products must fill a need (gap in your financial plan). Any replacement of existing financial products must be carefully reviewed with all pros and cons considered and will be presented in writing.

3. We respect free choice: You have the right to receive multiple competitive options or to choose your advisor, product or company. You have the right to know how each option affects your costs and in the case of insurance what your coverage would be in the event of a claim.

4. We give answer to any question: The answer will fully and completely address your question in full and understandable.

5. You have the right to pay a fair price (or premium): Information on factors that may reduce or increase cost will be fully disclosed.

6. We inform you: You will receive complete and accurate information in writing. This includes full information on any recommended financial service company.

7. We treat you fairly and respectfully and keep information private and confidential.

8. Full disclosure: We share any changes in any of your financial products in easy and understandable language with any relevant changes in the marketplace. A written summary of all surrender charges, length of surrender period and any additional costs for early termination. In any replacement situation, all pros and cons will be submitted in writing.

9. We give quality service and resolutions (including claims handling): Annually we review your needs and goals, upon request; or a major event that would be an input to the coverage; or to determine if changes occurred with the client or in the marketplace. In the case of any insurance prompt assistance on any claims.

10. You should be able to change or cancel a financial service and to be notified of any changes in a simple and easy way without any unreasonable restrictions or hassles, subject to the terms and conditions of the financial product or service. You will also be notified of any changes in writing in a timely manner.

This is what we call absolute value, which we referred to in our home page. By making things easy, understandable, comparable and actionable we gain the trust and provide the service you deserve. I can hear you saying thankyou. Welcome.

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